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We present here pictures of our hikes, beautiful scenery and a great group of hikers!

Venice Canals hike on July 23, 2007 - Click here
We hiked from Santa Monica Pier to Marina Del Rey,
had lunch and then walk back through the Venice Canals, around 6-7 miles.

Backbone trail hike on October 2007 - Click here
Start from Kanon and walk between beautiful scenery and a lot of shade!

Pictures from March 10, 2008 hike (Chesebro Canyon):

Pictures from March 31st hike (Los Robles Loop):

Palo Comado Canyon 11/13/06

Simi Hike
December 2007:

Malibu State Park
March 3, 2007

Malibu State Park
March 3, 2007

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